Booster Club Membership

Membership pays for two (2) adult members with student(s) currently attending Skyline HS. Membership counts towards ALL groups/clubs/sports in which your student(s) participate.


New Membership

Create a User name and Password. Log in and follow steps to register. The membership is per family and covers ALL selected groups. Please make sure to include contact information and students name. Select ALL groups, sports or clubs your student(s) participate with during the year so the Booster Club can give credit.  Profile and list can be updated anytime during the school year.  Donations can be made to any or all groups at time of registration or anytime during the year.   

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Renew Membership 

Sign in with your email and password. The Membership is per family and covers ALL selected groups.  Please update any personal and student info in user profile, then continue on with membership, volunteer options, donations, and please make sure to select ALL groups, sports or clubs your student(s) participate with during the year. That list can be updated anytime during the year, and your membdership fee applies to ALL selected groups.  

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Paper form with check? Download Member form, mail in with a check to:

Skyline Booster Club 3020 Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd. #573, Sammamish, WA 98075

Membership Form (pdf)   2017-2018 Printable Membership Form



Create Account Only  

This option is for community and parents who are not current parents of Skyline students, but are signing up their students for Booster approved activities put on by Skyline groups. You'll need a sign-in only to register your students online for activities. 

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Staff or Community Members

This option is ONLY for people that are Skyline staff, Community supporters, or Extended family of students (not parents or guardians), who want to volunteer with concessions or merchandise sales. This is a discounted member fee with no Booster Club voting rights. 

Contact Membership Chair for this Option. 



Account FAQ

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