Spartan Girls Basketball Camp

June 21-22, 2018 • 9am-2pm


  Who:     Girls entering 3rd – 8th Grade 

  What:    Basketball skills taught by Spartan Girls Basketball team and coaches

  Where:  Skyline High School

  When:   Thurs & Friday, June 21-22, 2018 • 9am-2pm    

                   Sign-in begins at 8:30am on Thurs. 6/21

                with a 12-12:30pm Costco provided lunch included both days


  Cost:    $115 per participant  (includes lunch and t-shirt)


  Questions? Contact Jennifer Mayes or Kim Streamer


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  Print and bring the following form 1st day of camp to participate, one for each     participant:  

   Athletic Risk Permission to participate



Instructions for participants -

  • bring your signed permission slip in order to participate
  • wear active attire and tennis or basketball shoes
  • bring a water bottle





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